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Why are you wasting your precise time in an ordinary cooker when the world is becoming digitalized?
Let's upgrade our pressure cooker into an electric pressure cooker and make a smart kitchen.
You have to miss your favorite serial if you are cooking in the pressure cooker because you have to control the flames manually in each phase of your dish.
Your dish will be a mess if you forgot to turn off the stove on time. The electric pressure cooker has many settings which include an automatic on & off system and automatic flame control system according to the dish you are making.
All you need is the Robocook Nuvo Electric Pressure Cooker, which is the best automatic 6l electric pressure cooker with 16 smart menu settings and 10+ safety features.
About Robocook Nuvo Automatic 6L Electric Pressure Cooker
The Robocook Nuvo has 16 smart menu settings that are compatible with the Indian cooking style.
You can cook both veg and non-veg dishes in this electric pressure cooker. It is an 11 in 1 multi cooker that replaced all the cookers available on the market.
You can cook the main course, starter, snack & dessert very easily using this electric pressure cooker.
The design of the Robocook Nuvo electric pressure cooker is unique. It has a seamless metallic design with stainless steel and a non-stick pot.
It also has an LED display and menu buttons in the center of Geek Robocook. The automatic 6l electric pressure cooker has a 100% leakproof guarantee.
Features of Robocook Nuvo Electric Pressure Cooker
The Robocook Nuvo is an excellent product if you are housewives, bachelors, cooking beginners & cooking YouTube channels since they are interested in trying out different recipes.
This electric pressure cooker makes your life easy by saving your cooking time. Now let's focus on the features of Robocook Nuvo:

1) 11 In 1 Multi Cooker Facility:
o You can use this cooker as a pressure cooker as well as a rice cooker since it replaces the other different cookers specialty. It can slow cook for up to 8 hours and delay the timer up to 24 hours.

o You can use this automatic electric pressure cooker as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, porridge pot, saute pan, steamer, food warmer, oven toaster griller (OTG), insulation warmer, egg cooker & sous vide.

2) 16 Smart Menu Settings: You can cook veg and non-veg dishes by pressing the respective buttons in Nuvo. The buttons consist of rice/ idly/ sambhar/ gravy/ soup/ fish/ chicken/ meat/ biryani in Robocook Nuvo. You can also do manually cooking. It also has an option for baking cakes. You don't have to hurry to turn off the stove or turn the flames into medium heat, it can be done automatically after pressing the necessary settings in this electric pressure cooker.

3 The LCD Display: The Nuvo has a clear LED display where you can see and set the timer according to your dish. You can increase or decrease the timer by pressing the plus or minus buttons.

4 PiC Inteligient Cooking: You can control the temperature, heat, time, and pressure in Robocook Nuvo because of the PiC intelligent cooking technology. It helps to retain the nutrient value of the ingredients and the taste of the dish.

Benefits of Robocook Nuvo electric pressure cooker:
The main benefit of Robocook Nuvo has a 2-year warranty and a free shipping facility. The electric pressure cooker comes with a recipe book, 2 potholders, and a measuring cup.
The Geek Robocook also manages the recipe blog and a mobile app that is available on the google play store so their customer can try different types of recipes. To access the recipe blog click here and for the app click here.
So let's upgrade our pressure cooker into an electric pressure cooker and make a smart kitchen.

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