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COMPANY PROFILE Established in 2003, while the construction mixtures鈥?market is ascending, we鈥檙e acting as one of the first batches of manufacturers in China of Redispersible Polymer Powder (RDP). With decades of development, we鈥檙e digging market needs all the time to fit our customers鈥?requirements. During this time we鈥檝e invested and built new factories for other products like Cellulose Ethers (HPMC, MHEC, HEC, MC, CMC), Calcium Formate, and Superplasticizers as well. Nowadays we鈥檝e become one of the leading manufacturers in China, with expanded products which including: - VAMCELL HPMC - BOMCELL MHEC - THYLOCELL HEC - FORCA Calcium Formate - VINNATE Redispersible Polymer Powder - Superplasticizers - Polypropylene (PP) Fibers PRODUCTION BASEMENT VINNATE Redispersible Polymer Power 鈼?WACKER'S EMULSION TO SPRAY DRY 鈼?15000 TONS ANNUALLY PRODUCTION CAPACITY 鈼?DIFFERENT GRADES TO MEET VARIOUS APPLICATIONS VAMCELL/BOMCELL Cellulose Ethers 鈼?PRODUCTION OF VAMCELL HPMC AND BOMCELL MHEC 鈼?ANNUAL PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 15000 TONS 鈼?HAVE DIFFERENT GRADES TO MEET VARIOUS APPLICATIONS FORCA Calcium Formate 鈼?THE SINGLE UNIQUE PRODUCER WHO USE THE LATEST PATENTED WAY TO PRODUCE 鈼?ANNUAL PRODUCTION CAPACITY: 40000 TONS 鈼?ASSURED PURITY AT 99.5% 鈼?ASSURED NO CAKING WITHIN SHIEF LIFE R&D CENTER During our development, we found different requirements from our customers, regular products could not fit all needs in the market. Our original intention to build R&D center is to do modification for as many application as we could, and do some customized products as well. Till now, we've owned three R&D centers in HENAN, SHANDONG & SHANGHAI, which are certified by third-party. We're authorized organization who can issue workers' certification on tile adhering and skim coating. Besides, with many experiments on site, we've gathered rich experience on applications like C1/C1T, C2T/C2TE tile adhesives, skim coat, gypsum plaster, self-leveling mortars, EIFS/EITCS and so on. That's why we could provide professional guide to our customers. We cherish the stability of QUALITY, and we hope you cherish the SAME. EXHIBITIONSPCE website:http://www.hnbotaichem.com/

Website: http://www.hnbotaichem.com/

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