How Jivanchi can be beneficial for local businesses

31. Aug 2021
How Jivanchi can be beneficial for local businesses

As a local business owner, you are trying your best to increase customer base. This is where you should look for a way to promote your business and increase its visibility. When more people see your business, you will be able to get them to come and buy what you offer.

There are numerous methods available for the local business owners to enhance their business visibility. Publishing advertisements on online classified sites hold a prominent place out of them. this is where Jivanchi can help you.  It is among the most prominent online classified publishing websites that you can find out there as of now.

What is Jivanchi?

Before you go ahead and publish advertisements on Jivanchi, you need to have a strong understanding on what it is all about. Jivanchi is a comprehensive online platform that you can use to publish advertisements. It provides a simple and easy to use interface. Even if you are not well-versed with technical skills, you will be able to go ahead and publish an advertisement on Jivanchi.

Another great thing about Jivanchi is its popularity. Thousands of people visit Jivanchi on a daily basis to find the products and services they want. Hence, you will never have to face any challenges when making your business visible to customers. All you have to do is to publish a classified advertisement on Jivanchi, and you will start gaining all the attention you want.



Who can publish advertisements on Jivanchi?

Now you have a basic understanding on what Jivanchi is all about. While keeping that in mind, let’s explore who can publish advertisements on this classified website.

  • Renting or selling a commercial property

When you have a commercial property to rent or sale, and if you need people to inquire you about it, you may think about publishing an advertisement on Jivanchi. You will be able to upload pictures and all other information about the commercial property that you have for rent or sale. At the time of advertising a commercial property, you will have to include lots of information with it. For example, you will need to explain the size, number of floors, and other facilities available. Jivanchi provides generous space for you to share all the details. This will help you to increase your chances of selling the commercial property fast.

  • Advertising a salon or beauty parlor

As the owner of a salon or a beauty parlor, you need to look for the best method to make your business visible to people who are looking for the service. Most people who search for salons and beauty parlous in your neighborhood search for it on Google. Since Jivanchi is a well-indexed website on Google, you can attract those people to your classified listing. In other words, you can make your business visible to them. You have the freedom to upload the listing as per your wish and include all services that you offer.

  • Getting more customers to your restaurant

There is a stiff competition among restaurants in your area. Hence, you will have to look for the most effective methods to overcome competition and get more people to come to your restaurant. This is where you may take a look at Jivanchi. You will be able to upload some pictures of your restaurant on the Jivanchi. Among those pictures, you may even think about including a picture of your menu. Likewise, you can optimize the description based on the specialty of your restaurant and the foods that you offer. This will help you to get more customers to walk in through the doors of your restaurant.

  • Selling electronic equipment

Most people who look for electronic equipment search for them on online classified sites. Jivanchi is among the most popular sites among them. Regardless of the electronic equipment you have for sale, you can use Jivanchi as a platform for advertising them. To get the best returns, you may think about advertising the items separately. Jivanchi will help you with that because you can publish multiple advertisements without a struggle.

  • Getting more customers to buy IT services

If you are offering IT services, and if you want more people to buy what you offer, it is possible to advertise them on Jivanchi. This platform is highly effective when you are advertising IT services as well. Whether you develop software, or you promote an already developed software, Jivanchi will provide the assistance you need to advertise. You can find this as a useful platform to manage your business by attracting customers without a struggle.

  • Offering architecture and house construction services

When people are in need of architects and house constructors, they will often look for independent professionals in the region. This is another area where you can seek the assistance of Jivanchi. You will be able to promote the services that you offer as an independent professional on Jivanchi. Whether you are an architect or a contractor, you will be able to advertise all the previously completed projects on the classified. This will help you to showcase how effective and professional you are with the services you offer. By showcasing the expertise, you may attract more people to come and get your services.

  • Promoting online education services

Online learning is the new norm of learning. If you are an educator, you will need to advertise your services for the students who are willing to get them. This is where Jivanchi can help you as a platform. You have all the freedom to promote the services you offer on Jivanchi. Regardless of the subject you teach and the grade of students you focus on, Jivanchi will help you with getting your message across.

  • Advertising outsourced services

Anyone who is willing to offer outsourced services to people who require them can think about using Jivanchi as a platform. For example, let’s assume that you offer outsourced accounting services. Then you just need to upload a classified on Jivanchi and promote the services you offer. Then businesses who are looking for outsourced accounting experts will get in touch with you.

  • Computer and appliance repair services

Jivanchi is among the most preferred platforms that people check out when they are in need of computer and appliance repair services. If you are a skilled service provider, you may think about using Jivanchi to attract new customers to your business. You will appreciate the support that Jivanchi offers as you are trying to attract new customers to your business. That’s because Jivanchi will be able to boost your services to the people who look for them in the local neighborhood.



Should you use Jivanchi?

We just highlighted some of the products and services that you can advertise on Jivanchi in the form of online classifieds. Whether you want to promote any of these products, or anything else, you can go ahead and start using Jivanchi without having a second thought on mind. You will appreciate the support that Jivanchi can help to attract more customers to your business. Since Jivanchi is a free to use platform, you don’t have anything to lose by advertising your website in here.


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