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    smart point you can mix a little bit of water into it to make peanut butter I like to add it to my protein shakes like I mentioned I'll just put the actual powder P b2 in my protein shake food on WW there's actually two parts to this one is a food and one is a drink the food is built bars so those of you that are new have probably not heard of build bars those of you that have been around a while probably have it's my favorite thing ever you guys rapid fast keto boost these are protein bars but these aren't your mama's protein bars these taste like candy bars they are coated in chocolate they have a delicious nudity Center if you eat them room-temperature its new eating like a marshmallow you can throw them in your fridge or your freezer and it changes that Center in that consistency so incredibly delicious it is a full-size bar for three smart points the only bar that is for smart points is the peanut butter my very favorites I'm gonna give you

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