What does a telecommunications engineer do

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Telecommunications engineers are in high demand due to access to wireless communications and the expectation of instant communication worldwide. In addition, market does not stop globally. We also need to communicate with objects and astronauts in space. Advances in communication technology are made by telecommunications engineers who keep up with the latest advances and continually improve the methods we use to communicate.

How to become a telecommunications engineering expert
To become a telecommunications engineer, you will probably need a bachelor's degree in engineering to put your foot in the door. There are many engineering programs out there, and some colleges offer electrical engineering, while others focus on communications or telecommunications. Who would benefit from becoming a telecommunications engineer?
According to O * NET OnLine, most telecommunications engineering specialists hold a bachelor's degree and 26% own a certification and 17% an associate's degree. Respondents reported their career titles as a telecommunications systems designer, telecommunications consultant, and telecommunications engineer to name a few.

Job description of a telecommunications engineer
As a telecommunications engineer, you would analyze the communication needs of an enterprise and then work on designing or recommending the equipment needed to achieve this goal. You should also maintain and test your current communication equipment to make sure they are in working order and upgrade outdated equipment to improve communication.

Telecommunication engineers can supervise telecommunication installers and their work to ensure quality and also provide expert assistance as needed. If you are working for a client, telecommunications engineers may need to train the team of people who will maintain the equipment.
Video Transcript of Telecommunications Engineer Career
Adan Rodriguez-Arroyo, NASA Telecommunications Engineer: I basically design communication systems for spacecraft, ears and mouth of a spaceship. It allows the Earth station on Earth to send orders to the spacecraft for processing, and also, while the ships are orbiting the Earth, it collects all this good data to be sent back to Earth. One of Adam's projects is the Multiscale Magnetospheric Mission or MMS communication system.
Earnings: The average weekly wage for unsupervised telecommunications designer salary was $ 1,038 in 2008, significantly above the average of $ 608 in the private sector. 
NASA wants to find out more about Earth's protective magnetic layer, also called the magnetosphere and sun. What I have in my fingers now is the real antenna. The transmitter and receiver are connected here; so if you need to send, send your signal here, it goes through this system and radiates through space and any station is on the ground, it picks up that frequency and you can really get all the information you want.
telecommunications designer salary

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