Moving Day

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Moving Day

If you ask anyone what their biggest nightmare is, chances are, most people will tell you that it's having to move. The only ones who may be exempt from that are the ones who can hire people to do their packing, unpacking, cleaning and putting everything away exactly as you want it. The rest of us become overwhelmed with the enormity of all the tasks we have to remember to do.

Even with myriad to-do lists that we've compiled of everything that has to be done, we panic at the thought that we've forgotten something important. And, try as we might, we keep thinking we've overlooked something that we need to do or need to pack.

Over the years, I've tried to simplify the horrendous task of moving by cutting all the nonessential corners. Well, the nonessential corners to me. To you, they may be very essential.

The first thing I learned to do, and it was only because I was in a time crunch, was to take everything with me. Most people go through their belongings and throw out what they no longer use. Since I'm sure I'll use everything someday, maybe thirty years from now, I take everything with me, with the idea that when I get to my new place, I can always throw out what I don't need and I rationalize that I'm saving so much time at this end that moving will take so much less time at the other end. It doesn't.

Someone once told me that he packed everything so carefully, labeled all the boxes, and had them ready for his new place. The big mistake was that he labeled one of the cartons ELECTRONICS and, sure enough, that box was stolen by the movers.

Shortly after hearing that Packers and Movers Ludhiana which has stayed with me all my life, I give each box, letters of the alphabet, to let me know which rooms they belong in and whether they belong in closets or drawers. The ones that belong in closets, I have the movers put in the closets to be opened one at a time, when I have enough energy to tackle it.

I also used to have the movers arrange my furniture and then I'd hang my paintings at the same time. I still do that because it makes me feel like I'm home, only now, I have the movers do it instead of climbing on ladders to do it myself.

And, best of all, I make myself go very slowly. I have all the Packers and Movers Ahmedabad one place and I only open one box a day and put everything away from that one box. OK, so I'll probably be finished unpacking everything when it's time for me to move again but this time, I won't be collapsing from the work and getting into a tizzy with all that has to be done. This time, I'm only doing what needs to be done immediately and the rest of it, I'm doing as it's needed.

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