The importance of skin renewal

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The skin is the largest protective organ in the body. It is made up of several layers that are constantly regenerating and rising from the basal layer to the horny layer. During the ascension process , the keratinocytes undergo a series of morphological changes. The cells lose their nucleus, become dehydrated and, finally, when they reach the horny layer, they are eliminated to start the process of new cells. In this sense , peeling or exfoliation of the skin is a natural process that consists of eliminating accumulated dead cells, managing to stimulate cell regeneration. Young skins are renewed approximately every 21 or 28 days . However, as the years go by, this renewal slows down and, as a consequence, the skin loses oxygenation and moisture. The result is dull skin, low luminosity and with more difficulty in absorbing cosmetic products. Either way, it is very important to completely remove dead cells to maintain healthy skin, with a unified and bright color . Therefore, it is necessary to exfoliate it once a week or every fortnight (depending on the thickness of the skin) since it is a complement to daily hygiene. Dermapeel PRO, the solution for spots and wrinkles However, there are certain alterations, such as premature photoaging, acne marks, or wrinkles, that need specific peeling or resurfacing techniques to eliminate accumulations of old skin and stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis. The new line Dermapeel PRO Skeyndor follows a peeling multilayer technology that combines five techniques peeling getting eliminate in a controlled and gradual each of the outer layers of the skin. The results are a complete tissue renewal. Specifically, the Dermapeel PRO line has two treatments: the Timeless option for wrinkles and the Brightening option for blemishes . If you want to achieve an optimal result, complement the cabin treatment with Resurfacing Peel Cream for [url=]dry skin cell[/url] or Resurfacing Peel Emulsion for oily skin, with 8% acids and SPF 20. After a month you will get renewed, smoother skin. uniform and with a rejuvenated appearance.


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